Putteet Hill

Welcome to Putteet Hill, a gated community nestled just outside the historic town of Granbury, Texas, where luxury living meets small-town charm. Featuring spacious estates with a minimum of 2 acres per property and concrete streets, Putteet Hill offers residents a picturesque setting surrounded by natural beauty. The centerpiece of the community is a 9-acre private park, complete with a 6-acre fishing lake, providing the perfect spot for summer-like relaxation right at home.

As part of the Granbury Independent School District, Putteet Hill ensures access to quality education with nearby access to 10 campuses. The community prides itself on fostering strong connections between schools and residents, creating a supportive environment for families to flourish. Conveniently located off US Hwy 377, Putteet Hill offers easy access to all necessities within a 10-mile radius, including grocery stores like H-E-B and Kroger, as well as dining and entertainment options at Granbury Square, just 9 miles away. Experience the best of both worlds at Putteet Hill, where modern convenience meets historic Granbury charm.


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The Life

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