Nassau Bay

Sunshine whispers on the lake, waking houses huddled close like friends. This quiet bend is where life slows down – picnics on grassy hills, fireflies like dancing stars, laughter carried on the breeze. Simple magic, not fancy houses, just salty swings and whispers of leaves. Join bonfires, trade fishy tales, find adventures in every splash. This lakefront haven welcomes you – a place where peace paints your days and water whispers, “Come home.”

The Entrances

Rhea Rd
Granbury, TX 76049

Nearby Neighborhoods

  • Holiday Estates
  • DeCordova Ranch
  • Timber Cove

The Life

In Granbury, every day feels like a brand new adventure! Want to be a pirate for a day? Cast a line in Lake Granbury and see if you can catch a fishy treasure. Or maybe you’re feeling like a star? Dress up fancy and strut your stuff under the sparkly lights of the Granbury Opera House. Hungry? Grab a giant Texas pancake on a sunny patio, or slurp up an ice cream cone while watching the baseball game under the twinkling night sky. There’s always something fun to do in Granbury, from splashing in hidden coves to making new friends around a crackling fire. It’s like a giant playground for grown-ups (and kids too!), so come on down and join the fun!

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