Canyon Creek

Canyon Creek waterfront is a unique and rustic community offering deep water at its shores, sheltered from the wind, ideal for wakeboarding, and offering tremendous views and lake activities.

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The Entrance

The Landing Blvd.
Granbury, TX 76048

Nearby Neighborhoods

  • Indian Harbor
  • The Hills of Granbury

The Life

The life of Granbury has so many thing to offer, you can learn about the past at the Granbury Museum, or watch a play at the famous Granbury Opera House. Hike in the peaceful parks, or go fishing in Lake Granbury. When you’re hungry, choose from lots of different restaurants, from steaks to tasty Mexican food. As the sun goes down, Granbury comes alive with music. Cozy pubs and lively bars offer a taste of the town’s energetic nightlife. With its historic sites, natural beauty, and fun activities, Granbury is a place you’ll never forget.

HOA information

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